Gorakha Natha Temple- Jagatsinghpur, Odisha

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Gorekhnath is the second most popular shrine of Jagatsinghpur now.It has rather become too popular with the masses during the last one and half decade only. As small children we had heard of Gorekhnath temple but it was not very approachable/accessible as people had to cross paddy fields to arrive at the small shrine which was reputed to be infested with King Cobras and we were not very keen to visit the place for fear of the snakes.

But off late, on certain days of the year, it has even surpassed Jhankada Sarala temple in drawing visitors and devotees.Elders comment that it has become too commercial and the temple management doesn’t allow the roots of the banyan trees which are the main-stay of Gorekhnath shrine to enter the ground as the whole place has been covered with concrete.

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